Vacuum Transformer Drying Ovens

Vapor phase vacuum transformer drying oven by Hering VPT

The HERING Drying Series vacuum transformer drying ovens focus on bringing down the drying time of your transformers by combining the best state-of-the-art technologies for the benefit of your operations.

HERING has specialized in improving the life cycle of transformers. This starts during the transformer manufacturing process. The right transformer drying solution provides a low process time, but also protects the equipment from high internal stresses. Here, the HERING Drying Series product line offers state-of-the-art technology to speed up your transformer manufacturing operations.

During the later life cycle of the transformer, not only drying the insulating oil extends the lifetime, but also drying the insulating material has a significant positive impact. For the latter, the HERING Drying Series – our product line of state-of-the-art vacuum transformer drying ovens – is your ideal choice.

HERING VPT offers the right equipment for every application, in order to ensure an optimal price-performance ratio. There are generally three types of transformer drying systems depending on the process used:

  • ≤ 100 MVA: Hot-Air Drying Plant for easy setup
    These hot-air drying plants have been successfully used in the transformer industry for several decades. The drying process relies on hot-air as the heating fluid to increase the temperature of the insulation material. After this heating step, the vacuum pumps evacuate the vacuum chamber to decrease the boiling point of the water in the insulation. Hence, the water evaporates as the pressure in the oven drops. Hot-air drying plants are popular because of their robustness and good performance-to-cost ratio.
  • > 100 MVA: Vapour-Phase Drying Plant for reduced process duration
    The vapor phase vacuum drying ovens use a hydrocarbon (e.g. kerosene) to add heat to the transformer insulation. The vapor phase process is the most efficient combination of heat addition and vacuum application for drying the insulation of power transformers. The potential for higher heat flows leads to a decrease in drying time of approximately 40 percent compared to the hot-air process.
  • Low frequency electric heating vacuum transformer drying technology
    This plant uses low-frequency electric heating of the windings and vacuum drying in a combined electric heating vacuum drying oven. Here, the low voltage windings are short circuited while the live part is heated with the help of a low frequency (<1 Hz) current. This decreases the drying times significantly compared to conventional drying processes.

In any case, HERING VPT will help you to choose the right process for your specific application.

HERING Systems are remarkable for their compact and robust design, as well as their ease of operation and maintenance.

The complete drying plants are divided in sub modules. Each module, e.g. heating station or kerosene station, is completely piped, wired and pre-tested in our workshop. This concept convinces with a fast, easy and safe installation of the plant. Additionally, the customers have the opportunity to set up the complete plant by themselves.

Are you rather interested in transformer oil purification plants for a maintenance oriented treatment of your transformer? Then, our Hering EOK Series Vacuum oil purification plants might be the right choice for you.

Do you want an even more advanced overhaul of your transformer oil? Then, our HERING EOK-TORS Transformer oil regeneration systems are the best solution for you. These systems combine the strengths of our EOK Series transformer oil purification plants with the added functionality of an oil polishing system.

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