EOK Series – Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Plants / Transformer Oil Purifying Plants

Hering EOK Transformer Oil Purification Plant Detailed View of Piping - Picture 4

The HERING EOK Transformer oil purification product line focuses on ensuring that your transformers’ dielectric insulating fluids operate at their optimal operating point.

Transformer insulating oil quality is the key to high transformer performance

The insulating oils of your current and future transformers have to meet the highest standards regarding quality and purity to perform at their highest level of efficiency. During operation, the insulating fluids have to act both as an effective coolant and dielectric material. Using the right insulating oil with the right properties is, therefore, an essential part of the transformer business.

You have to make sure that the transformer is filled with a high quality insulating fluid during initial impregnation and filling. But your responsibility does not stop there. As the insulating oils in modern transformers are exposed to ever increasing voltages and the resulting stresses, adequate handling and treatment of the transformer oil becomes more and more important during the transformer’s lifetime as well.

HERING EOK Transformer oil purification systems help you get the most out of your transformers

The usage of HERING EOK Transformer oil purifying plants improves the dielectric properties of your transformer insulation by lowering the water content within the fluids and materials. Additionally, our EOK Series will perform an oil degasification and remove the more volatile acids. This creates better performing transformer insulation and, thus, builds the foundation for advanced transformer performance.

Our EOK transformer oil purification product line is the leading brand in oil purification technology. EOK oil purification plants provide you with decades of experience in the transformer maintenance sector all powered by German Engineering. The EOK Series is the benchmark in transformer oil degasification and transformer oil purification technology.

In order to assist you with making an informed decision and to provide an optimal price-performance-ratio, we are offering our oil purification plants in three main series:

  • EOK Basic
    The EOK Basic is the most basic application of the EOK Oil purifying plants which provides a cost-efficient solution with simple operation and fast amortization. Customers mostly use it for the filling of new transformers and the treatment of oil in storage tanks.
  • EOK Standard
    The EOK Standard combines easy handling with high comfort including an automatic cleaning process. It is our state-of-the-art solution for on-site transformer service and repair.
  • EOK Professional
    The EOK Professional is our top of the line product in the field of oil purifying technology. Its combination of high flexibility, very short cleaning times and highest ease of use make it the solution of choice for the complete spectrum of possible oil purifying applications in the transformer industry.
We will tailor each vacuum transformer oil purification / transformer oil degasification plant specifically to your requirements.

The standard purification plant is generally equipped with oil filters, oil pumps, an oil heater, a vacuum pump and the degassing tank. The application of the vacuum process causes a decrease of the boiling point by reducing the pressure. The oil heater consequently heats up the oil in order to evaporate water inside the liquid. The vacuum process, therefore, performs a degasification of the transformer oil. Other contaminations are removed using a filter system.

Do you want a more advanced overhaul of your transformer oil? Then, our HERING EOK-TORS Transformer oil regeneration systems are the best solution for you. These systems combine the strengths of our EOK Series transformer oil purification plants with the added functionality of an oil polishing system.

Are you rather interested in full scale transformer drying ovens for a more comprehensive treatment of your transformer? Then, our HERING transformer drying oven product line might be the right choice for you.

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