Selection procedure for a quotation of Hering Vacuum Insulation Oil Purification Plant for transformer oil

Please mark your requirement with a cross. This questionnaire will facilitate your enquiry and our tendering. Please check each item which applies for you. We shall offer the equipment which matches your specifications or whichever comes closest.

7.What is the oil treat plant to be used for:

Power rating
Oil content
Total weight
Daily (8 hours shift) quantity of oil should be purified

9. Fluid to be treated:

10. Desired through flow capacity:

11. Temperature increase of transformer oil in one loop/pass:

12. Inlet oil pump:

13. Vacuum pump station:

  • (a) with rotary vane pump only:

  • (b) with rotary vane pump and one roots pump:

14. Evacuation of transformer is required:

15. Desired residual gas (air) content:

16. Desired residual moisture content:

17. Desired filter fineness:

with metal sheetwith tarpaulin
Stationary, baseplate mounted
Mobile, roller mounted
Mobile, trailer mounted for road transportation (for official road transport)
Mobile, trolley mounted (not for official road transport)
Installation in seaworth container

19. Power supply:

20. Flexible hoses:

21. Electric cables:

22. Spare parts:

Additional equipment’s:

a) Measuring devices:

b) Equipment of the control console:

c) Language for plates and instruction manuals: